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    “I would argue the combination of The 5 Phases of Off-Season Nutrition as a Set-Up for the 5 Phases of Successful Contest Prep is a Paradigm Shift in the art of bodybuilding coaching.”

    Chet Nichols

    IFBB Pro, Judge and Co-owner
    USA Physique

    What you get:

    This e-book will lay the path out from start to finish. By following the phases as you progress, you can be sure that you, or your coach, has you at the right position, and at the right time all through your bodybuilding journey.

    What is it all about?

    USA Physique has teamed up with Dr. Joe Klemczewski to bring you the 5 Phases of Off-Season and 5 Phases of Contest Prep. This concept is the first of its kind. A paradigm shift in the art of bodybuilding. It is an end-to-end methodology that takes you through all the stages of off-season to ensure you start prep in optimal position.

    Once in prep, it will guide you through all the phases. Time your prep properly, the phases will give you plenty of time to arrive at stage lean early. This will give you the advantage of reverse dieting into the show by increasing calories (and reducing cardio) as you continue to get leaner, tighter and fuller making Peak Week more efficient, effective and much easier to predict your show day physique.